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Brand Style Sheet

This brand style sheet serves as a guide for our internal design team, vendors, and authorized personnel working with the PIXELIT brand. It contains the necessary elements, artwork, and materials to ensure consistency in all materials produced under the PIXELIT brand.

While all brand elements are included in this style sheet, not all may be appropriate for every project. Careful consideration should be taken when selecting the appropriate visual elements for each project.

Any visual element, color, typeface, or logo not included in this style sheet must be approved by our design team. We ask that you refrain from distorting our graphic elements by changing their aspect ratio, shape, or color.

Our Mission

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Primary Logo

How our logo is used is crucial in keeping its visual meaning and identity intact. This logo is our primary logo and should be used in most instances. Always use the logo files provided. Do not re-create.

Alternate Logo Colors


Prompt Bold


Prompt Light


Brand Colors

To build the PIXELIT colors, use the following formulas.
CMYK is used for reproduction on printed material and RGB/Hex is used for digital platforms.

HEX: #c2e54f
RGB: 194, 229, 79
CMYK: 28, 0, 84, 0

HEX: #454545
RGB: 69, 69, 69
CMYK: 67, 60, 58, 43

HEX: #d0d0d0
RGB: 208, 208, 208
CMYK: 18, 13, 14, 0

HEX: #ff9f24
RGB: 255, 159, 36
CMYK: 0, 44, 95, 0

Brand Icons

Like our logo, how our icons are used is crucial in keeping their visual meaning and identity intact. Always use the icon files provided. Do not re-create.

"PIXE" Truck Icons
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