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Affordable advertising on digital mobile billboards

No long-term commitment.
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Affordable advertising on digital mobile billboards

No long-term commitment.
Cancel anytime.

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Rates as low as $357 a month

PIXELIT is the leader in effective and affordable advertising on a digital mobile billboard truck. Advertising Rates as low as $357 a month guarantee we fit almost any company’s budget.

The more ads you buy, the more you boost your brand

The more ads you buy, the more frequently they are played. On average, we run 10 hours a day, 5-days a week! Each advertisement gets 1,200 spots a month.

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Our digital mobile billboard truck displaying ads while in traffic on the Public Square in Watertown, New York
1 Ad - 1,200 Spots
Plays Every 10:00 Minutes*
2 Ad - 2,400 Spots
Plays Every 5:00 Minutes*
3 Ad - 3,600 Spots
Plays Every 3:18 Minutes*
4 Ad - 4,800 Spots
Plays Every 2:30 Minutes*
5 Ad - 6,000 Spots
Plays Every 2:00 Minutes*
6 Ad - 7,200 Spots
Plays Every 1:42 Minutes*
7 Ad - 8,400 Spots
Plays Every 1:24 Minutes*
8 Ad - 9,600 Spots
Plays Every 1:18 Minutes*
9 Ad - 10,800 Spots
Plays Every 1:06 Minutes*
10 Ad - 12,000 Spots
Plays Every 1:00 Minute*
* Ads play on average 10-hours per day, 5-days per week. Spots and Rates are monthly values.

Highly Targeted. Maximum exposure. Leave A Big Impression.

The average consumer spends 20 hours each week driving around. They will have their eyes on the road, they might as well have their eyes on your ad too!

Our trucks drive on highly targeted routes in locations all over, east of the Rockies. With an average of 14,000 impressions per advertising block, we have you covered with maximum exposure and the impact critical to building brand awareness and ensuring the success of your campaign.

Where do we drive?

A pre-determined route for the highest possible exposure

Our route is determined by the traffic patterns in each location. With data provided by the state department of transportation, we came up with a route that’s guaranteed to give client messages the most exposure.

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Complements and Enhances Your Existing Advertising Efforts

Americans are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day, bombarded with countless ads from every direction. Consequently, they tune out.

Decline in print media readership

Only 29% of US residents read a daily newspaper

Cable TV

86% of US residents DVR and skip advertisements

Adblocking on mobile devices

62% of US residents prefer streaming music services over radio

Out Of Home Advertising reaches 99% of consumers during an average week - Nielsen

Maximize your advertising efforts

Advertising on our trucks fills the “gaps,” providing coverage that complements and enhances existing advertising efforts making any marketing campaign more efficient and effective.

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Ads Are Hard to Ignore and Can't be Skipped.

Businesses lose a sale every day to the competition, isn’t it time you stopped them from distracting your customers! No more missing out! Let’s grow… Digital mobile billboards leverage the power of innovation, location, and eye-popping imagery to drive impact and engagement between your message and your audience.

No contracts.
Cancel anytime.

Let's Get Started!

It simply makes sense to boost your brand by putting your ad on one of PIXELIT’s digital billboard trucks.

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Choose your advertising plan

Choose anywhere from 1,200-12,000 spots a month


Create your eye-catching ads

Our creative team will work with you to create your ad


Start standing out

DAV drives your message to where the people are

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Advertising starts at $357 per month.

How long does each spot play?

Each spot is on our digital mobile billboard for 6 seconds. Long enough for someone to retain the information but quick enough to recapture those same eyeballs with something new.

Can I pay month-to-month?

Yes, there are no contracts and you can cancel anytime!

How do I know you are running my ad?

Your Client Care Rep will be in touch with you through the entire process to make sure that your ads are created, approved, and running.

Can you give me some kind of a report that shows me how many of my ads have played?

If you contact your Client Care Rep, they can provide you with a report of how many spots your ads have run.

Will you make my ads for me?

YES! We actually prefer to make the ads. Our creative team is trained specifically to create the most effective ad(s) possible.

Will my competition be in rotation too?

There may have a competitor of yours in rotation but your ads will never play back to back.

Can I track it?

If you contact your Client Care Rep, they can provide you with a report of how many spots your ads have run.

How many impressions will my ad get in a typical month?

Each ad gets an average of 14,000 impressions.

Can I have multiple different ads running on your mobile billboard truck?

Yes! Get as many messages as you want out there!

Keep in touch!

Zachary Premo - PIXELIT Vice President & Sales Rep

Zachary Premo

Vice President

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