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Terms and Conditions

Payments – Your first payment is due at signing and will automatically be pulled from your chosen payment method on the same day of each month.

One-Time Setup – A one-time setup fee of $50 is applied for each dealership. This fee covers the initial costs associated with configuring, customizing, and preparing services to get the ads rolling on the trucks.

Ad Rotation – All ads are in rotation for the duration of the day. Your competitor’s ad will not be played back-to-back with yours but will be in the same rotation with at least one 6-second advertising block between them.

Month-to-Month Terms – Individual (1 block) and multiple (2 to 10+) advertising blocks are recurring, month-to-month subscriptions. Either party may terminate this month-to-month agreement for any reason upon ten (10) days of written notice.

Media – You are allowed one set of ads (sides and rear) per block of advertising you purchase. We want your ads/media to be incredible and highly effective. Please expect a turnaround of up to two business days for ads designed by PIXELIT. All media that runs on DAV, or PIXE, must be approved by PIXELIT.

– If you want to update your ad(s) during a campaign, we guarantee that once the ad(s) receive approval from both parties (PIXELIT & you, the client), they will go live within 24 hours. 

– DAV & PIXE are unique advertising vehicles, so any advertising media you have now may need adjusting on our end to display correctly.

– Ads/media received less than 48 hours before an event or scheduled air time may not receive the time previously guaranteed.

– NO videos, animations, motion media, or QR codes are allowed on daily routes.

What if things go wrong on our end? – In the rare case that we are unable to perform our end of the deal, we will reimburse you for the lost advertising time.

What if things go wrong on your end? – We really do need your ad(s)/media done as soon as possible. If we are unable to fulfill our end because you have not provided the requested media, revisions, or approvals, then we will work with you to complete your airtime by other means. If we cannot come to an agreement, you will not be reimbursed for lost advertising time.

What if things go wrong that no one can control? – If, for some reason, your event or guaranteed airtime cannot be fulfilled due to weather, executive orders, or other events outside of our control, we will work with you to fulfill your airtime by other means. If we can’t reach an agreement, we will reimburse you for the lost advertising time.

Contract Changes – Any material changes to the terms must be in writing and signed to protect against misunderstandings.

Plays – Each individual Block will receive a minimum of 1200 plays per month. 

Days of Operation – All subscription blocks are in rotation together for a minimum of 8 hours per day for at least 15 calendar days per month. There will be a maximum of 16 hours per day and no more than 25 calendar days per month.

Blocks rotate every 6 seconds.

You are only allowed one ad per block.